I enjoyed my last day at work. There wasn’t a lot to do because of today’s nature, being Sunday. Breakfast was good with my brother, his girlfriend, and my sister. We had pancakes and o. j. I ate them with Nutella. After that, I clipped my nails and went out to play tennis. By practicing what the Youtube video taught me, tilting the racquet helped some serves to go high and some serves to go low. Deciding to play basketball and walk the park’s trail was also a good idea. Then I headed home and watched a sermon online. Today was sweet.

October 10 2021

Hao Nguyen


Time is an illusion. At least that’s what they say. I fall for tricks and speed through my day. Should I really speed up? Maybe it’s better to slow down. The answer’s in the pudding as the clock rolls ‘round.

If I stay in the present, I fear of the future.

If I dwell on my past, I’m destined not to last.

If I run to the future, my current state becomes slim.

Let me choose to rely on God and not act on a whim.

Oceans Current

Left or right, which way will I go. Not sure of my next turn and how fast or how slow. Look to your left, there’s a detour. Look to your right to see more. The left lane is fast, hard with impact. The right lane is slow, obedient to the waves.

Silent desks, Loud writings

As I sit at my desk. No phone calls from a friend or discussions out loud. I think about how life moves in an unexpected merry-go round. You can’t time a lesson or an answer, but you can overthink. You can daydream outcomes, but they won’t suffice. Your next scene is a trailer you won’t notice.

Oversaturated Lane

Overexerting myself in overzealous ways, not sure where this line stays. Remaining positive about myself before I overdo things. Overcoming the need to overdue my days. Am I doing too much, can someone say?

Parental Pursuit

Afraid to get close to the two of you, our love runs deep. Will I make another mistake, then wallow in my sleep. Not aware of your grace, so to your heart I creep. Time to broaden my wings. I see our moments together happening so fast, it scares me that the joy won’t last. Our bond is tight and stronger than a chain. You read my mind and know when I am in pain. To get close to you two is like the end of an era. I’m sad to see our story begin because I know it is the start of the end.

Indicator for Capacity

To overcommit. To the slippery slope of saying yes. Will I bite off more than I can chew or get bigger than the air that fills my chest. Must it be better to slow down rather than chase after temporal riches? The world may never know. And I may never show, a capacity that fills the brim if I’m afraid of shooting past the rim.

Seering White

To know what the future holds is like a gift! You know the winds direction and where success will emanate. Premonitions from the other side. What could be in store? A fancy car, days of light and grace. Your portion awaits you. Remember, milk and cream, passions and dreams.

Turning Back

Oh how I have missed you, 2019. Days of old, it was the right me. Yes, I shouldn’t have shaved my head and yes my dreams of a future were wrong. I know now to be a kid again and sing my old song.

Deep Quest

The valleys of the sea were exposed and the foundations of the earth laid bare. Vulnerability and a chain. This all resembles a fond notion.

Hao Thanh Nguyen


1 October 2021

Hao Nguyen


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